As you may see, this site is currently in progress. This site is aimed at all mental health professionals, although the name may suggest otherwise. The idea of this site is to provide a platform and a central resource point for mental health professionals to discuss issues that matter to our professions. It is also to provide a way of networking with other individuals and taking pride in good practice and initiatives that are going on in your area of work.

The main part of the site consists of forums on different area of our work. Please click on the forum link above and register in order to particpate. Please also invite any colleages or individuals that may benefit from the site.

  • Please adhere to the following basic rules:
  • Please show respect and courtesy for your fellow community members,
  • Please respect that people have the right to an opinion, and that sometimes we don't all share the same opinions.
  • Please respect confidentialty and ensure that any anecdotes are anonymised
  • Please do not use block capitals, this can be construed as shouting.
  • When posting topics, please use appropriate forums.
  • When uploading information, please ensure that this is not infringing copyright laws.

Whilst you are a member here, your information will be used only for the purposes associated with the site. If you decide to leave the community, your membership will be removed and any personal information, however topics and articles will remain.

If registering via Facebook / Twitter please be aware that your information is safe by doing so. If you have any concerns please contatct us.

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